A Regal Affair

A poem.


You are the King of Lies

Leering down from your throne

At me, the jester in the court,

The entertainment to your sick humour.


Ever loyal, I curtsy at the sight

Of your crooked crown,

Even as you sleep in another bed

And kneel to a different Queen.


Instead of medieval torture games

You choose to prick me with

A sharp tongue, one which

Sent me to slumber like the spun wheel.


Under this dark magic you

Whisper poisonous words to

Freeze and blacken my heart

And once regal brain.


I was your Queen once, and

That empty seat you see beside you

Was my regal throne when I

Had a crown as crooked as yours.


And one day I shall knock it off

The same way you knock me.

But until then I will watch

Your castle ruin and fall.


For I am loyal.