Which of these Movie Monsters would you date?

It’s officially cuffing season, the time of year when people are on the look out for a potential partner to get them through the festive period. It’s not just the everyday person that’s hunting for victims love, monsters need a mate too. And what’s the mantra: there’s somebody for everybody? Which of these movie monsters would you swipe for?


tinder broad template sweeney

It’s always a bonus when a man has his own business and his own place. Sure, Fleet Street isn’t the best part of town but how many of the guys you usually swipe right for have a solid career, let alone a master in their own trade? He’d probably even offer your dad a free cut-throat shave. On second thoughts…


tinder broad template hannibal

If you’re one for being wined and dined, this one sounds a winner. The conversation will be flowing as much as the wine, much better than the last date when you were treated to a full hour analysis of his ex-girlfriend’s sexcapades with his best friend.


tinder broad template patrick

*Frantically searches for Huey Lewis and the News on YouTube* Are you sick of paying on a date? “I forgot my wallet”, “I’ll buy you a drink next time” – he knows there isn’t going to be a next time – but this guy will make sure you never have to reach into your pocket. He looks like a scream and probably one of those one night stands you will look back on when you’re older with a proud smirk on your face.


tinder broad template freddy

A confident man is a sexy man, and this one sure is confident. He’s kind of weirdly hot, and he’s probably up for anything to be fair. One of those guys worth losing sleep on, am I right?


tinder broad template sarah

Danger is sexy. And a dangerous beautiful fashion model is the sexiest of them all. She looks like she would eat you for breakfast, but perhaps that’s part of the appeal.


tinder broad template carrie

This girl looks cute! If you’re looking for a sweet girl to treat special, this is the one for you. I bet she wouldn’t harm a fly! The kind of girl you would take home to your mum, and you know everybody would love her.


tinder broad template Tina

Tina looks like a lot of fun! Have you ever taken a girl out and she couldn’t make up her mind where to go? Well, not Tina, she’d be up for anything. You can finally take someone to the train museum you absolutely love, and treat her to a cheap sandwich meal deal. She’d love it.


tinder broad template kayako

If you have a thing for cute girls who want a committed relationship, then this one is for you. She’ll adore you, she’ll stick to you for life, and she’ll only expect unconditional love in return. However, fail to give her what she needs and she’ll probably turn into a right nightmare.


Who would you swipe right for?