Timeless Animated Films That Will Keep You Bewitched Again and Again

Stop motion animation has a kind of magic that no live action video can rival, and the internet is a perfect platform for budding creators to get their stop motion films into the public eye. Here is a list of stop motion films that are so authentic, imaginative and beautiful, they will never lose their magic.



Atmospheric in its choice of music and claustrophobic shots, the story begins as a somber tale of a lonely woman in an empty house. It’s a stark contrast to the moment when she realizes she is not alone. Heart-stopping!


The Maker

Beautiful and crafted with the finest details, this is a wonderful yet saddening story with a profound meaning behind its spell-binding character.



A pivotal film for young students, and aspirational when you think where Tim Burton is today and what he has achieved. No doubt there are little Vincents all over the world watching horror films in their room and planning devilish experiments while the ‘normal kids’ play outside.


The Cat With Hands

Created by stop motion magician Robert Morgan, this little film has everything: gloomy forest, folklore, eerie animated models and an unnerving ending. The plot is clever and nicely tied up in this creepy little film, and will make you think twice next time you stumble upon an old well.


The Backwater Gospel

With a super cool soundtrack to meet the slick style, and a plot that resonates with a deeper meaning about society, this film just keeps on giving.

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