Most Anticipated Horror Films Coming Out 2018

The most anticipated horror films of 2018 with new scary films and remakes of classic horror films.


We’ve had a feast of horror films so far this year and personally, I’m already hungry for next year’s course. Halloween may have passed two days ago but I’m never satisfied when it comes to being creeped out or downright terrified. So I’ve watched a video scoured the web for the top horror films coming out in 2018 that will scare the wits out of you… perhaps.


A Quiet Place | Spring 2018

The plot is mostly secret but some sites are mentioning the characters being terrorised on a farm. Rumour has it that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt were lured into this project by Project Greenlight (Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s TV show which scours for first-time directors to make a feature film) Competition winners and a spec script that was immediately bought by Paramount. Perhaps this will be one of the forerunners in horror next year.

a quiet place


Slender Man | Spring 2018

Stalking the web since 2009, this film will centre on the faceless bogeyman. Again, plot details are scarcer than original film plots but maybe this one can live up to his reputation. It will apparently star an alcoholic father.

slender man


Meg | Summer 2018

Short for Megalodon, the monstrous shark that terrorised Earth’s oceans over two million years ago, this film will star Jason Statham and Ruby Rose. Predicted to be shown in IMAX theatres, this is going to be one action-packed terror. And Statham said “it turned out really good… apparently“.



Cadaver | Summer 2018

The horror starts when a morgue technician receives a particularly brutalised cadaver. Probably one of the more sickening films for this year, it will be a gruesome treat for horror lovers.

Lancaster Moor Asylum


Halloween | Autumn 2018

Are these remakes better off dead? Well if you’re already shaking your head about this one – there’s a twist. Danny McBride is working on the script! And he’s dragging Michael Myers back to his roots, taking it back to what John Carpenter created.



The Strangers 2 | Sometime 2018

This film was mentioned to be scheduled for production nearly ten years ago but this time it seems to be for real. The gorgeous Christina Hendricks leads the cast and all that is known plot-wise is that it will be set in a trailer park during a power outage. Intriguing.

the strangers


Nosferatu | Sometime 2018

If The Witch gave you the creeps then this release may have your attention. The same director is bringing Nosferatu to light again. If this has the same authenticity as The Witch it may just do it for me.



Abruptio | Sometime 2018

Spike will be starring this intriguing film and the plot is very intriguing indeed – he wakes up with a bomb implanted in his neck. And every character will be life-sized latex puppets. It will also star Robert Englund. I’m sold.

P.S. The photo below is of fantastic artist Craig Denson’s puppet.

P.S.S. For the love of God do not google image ‘abruptio’. Trust me.



Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built | Feb 2018

For those captivated by the Winchester Mystery House, this looks like a fantastic film (albeit dramatic) and I for one cannot wait, especially as the leading role goes to legendary Dame Helen Mirren. Trailer below.



Which film are you most looking forward to next year? Or am I all wrong and there’s better horror films lined up that I missed out?