The Creepiest YouTube Videos You’ll Ever Watch

These creepy youtube videos will keep you up tonight.


Are you in bed? Are the lights off? Has your curiosity lured you here? It’s always the short videos that creep you out and these YouTube videos will scare you out of your wits. Better turn the light back on, better to see them with…


The Smiling Man

This video is based on a terrifying Reddit story of a man being followed on his way home one night by a man in a top hat, who keeps dancing justĀ  few steps behind him. The scariest thing of all – the plastered grin on his face.


Lights Out

Voted the number one creepiest YouTube video on reddit, this short film has been scaring the crap out of people for years. This is the one that’ll make you keep your lights on tonight.


I Feel Fantastic

How do you feel about mannequins and robots? If they creep you out, then you should definitely watch this one!


The Seperation

You can’t have a list of creepy videos without including a stop motion film. Some people have described it as sad and astounding, but, as a creep, you can appreciate the particular detail in the modelling which gives the film an element of hair-up-on-the-back-of-your-neck. It is about conjoined twins who were seperated surgically, and you’re going to want to stick around for the ending…


The Cat With Hands

This second stop-motion film is by Robert Morgan, the same creator of the video above, and has more finesse than the one above. It is about a cat that lives in a well and has a ferocious appetite for human flesh… but why?


Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared – The Computer

Another from Reddit’s creepiest videos list, this series has hooked millions in with its seemingly innocent and educational front which suddenly turns down a very dark and disturbing path. This has been described as the scariest episode as it reminds a lot of people of bad trips they experienced.


You’re Next – The Simpsons

The final video on this list is my all-time favourite creepiest video on the internet. Perhaps it’s the childhood nostalgia of watching The Simpsons with my tea, or the spine chilling music, or the injustice of the murders… This one will stick with you for a while.


What’s your favourite from the list? Are there any videos you think top the list? Put links in the comments below and share this with your nearest and dearest to keep them up tonight.