Creepy True Stories That Will Freak You Out

True life horror stories that will scare you.

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Do you ever read something that makes you feel vulnerable, as if eyes are watching you, and you peer around the room behind you just in case an intruder has entered silently, flashing a grin as steely as the knife in his hands? Well if you’ve not already checked behind you, you will be after reading these creepy real-life stories uploaded to Reddit, called the /letsnotmeet thread. These are four encounters you never want to experience…


Saved By The Dog

It is always terrifying when a situation is saved and you wonder “what if…” that person hadn’t been around or what if the events had unfolded differently and this is definitely one of those encounters.


The Man on The Bus

The strangest things seem to happen late at night when drink is concerned, and the strangest people are met but this night out OP did not only meet strange, but disturbing.


The Breakfast Intruder

What would you do if you came downstairs to start the day with a lovely breakfast and a man was sitting at your kitchen table?


The Admirer

Unrequited love can be awkward, unwanted and messy. But what if the man in question is EVERYWHERE, makes up twisted stories about you and your family, and gives you drawings of yourself naked?


The Devoted Fan

Some music fans can be really diehard, and some can be really dangerous…


The Man in The Woods

No story that started “we got lost in the woods at night” ever ends well, but this was a lucky escape.


These terrifying true life stories may give you the creeps for a while. Remember to lock your doors and always keep your windows closed 😉 Stay safe creeps!


Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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