Stormy Drew

A poem about a girl who lost her colours and disappeared.

Stormy Drew was a ray of sunshine once. 

She wore bright colours and sang songs 

As loud as the mountaintops. 


She would whirl around in yellow tinsel 

And drink strawberry milkshake from seashells, 

A twirling glitterball. 


But Stormy Drew lost her ray of sunshine 

And wore pastels and hid behind black lenses, 

Shut alone behind walls. 


She felt that the colours had deserted her, 

That she was no longer wanted or loved, 

And let the dark smother her. 


The girl got lost in a black hole 

And told herself she belonged here, 

With only herself to blame. 


But in the dark she didn't realise 

How special and beautiful she was, 

How unique she was. 


The sunshine and moon pined for her, 

But she had buried herself in the earth, 

Unable to hear their cries. 


The colours dulled and the sea thrashed, 

Mourning the loss of the wonderful, magical, 

Only Stormy Drew. 


Months passed and trees twisted their roots 

Deep into the ground searching for her, 

Their golden ray of sunshine. 


When they found her, she had changed, 

Her soul had got lost in the black depths, 

Dulled like an old coin. 


The sun shined above her and bathed her in light, 

The wind sang to her to remind her 

Of who she once was. 


The sea soothed her and the branches hugged her. 

She drank strawberry milkshake from seashells 

And started twinkling again. 


Stormy Drew realised she was loved by many 

And she loved the colours again 

And the world again. 


She was a twirling glitterball again, 

With only a little shadow cast across her, 

The beautiful and unique 

Stormy Drew.

Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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