A Girl With No Name

A poem about a girl no man can resist.

With wispy hair and a slash of silver tongue
She rides into the night on growling steel,
Searching for flesh and blood to tempt and steal
And snatch away forever from their English roses.

What can a simple man do but fall in love,
But follow the beauty into their trap
And wander bleary-eyed until the hinges snap.
Oh to die in ecstasy of a woman's touch.

In rum-soaked bars and greasy, grimy streets
The serpent writhes in a skin of ebony scales
To ensnare greedy mice with eager tails,
Always a meal of pulsing stock to swallow whole.

No man can ever resist a dangerous woman,
Like drifting trance-like towards the siren's song
And tread the same trail helpless men have gone,
Only to plunge into her watery depths.

Daylight would declare her score of victims,
But she was always gone before dawn revealed
The destruction a beautiful woman could wield.
A vamp in search of men, straddled over growling steel,
A girl with no name, and nothing left to feel.

Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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