Battle of the Black

A poem about a great battle.

weird fiction

The King of Spiders was a vengeful being,
A twisted old soul that burned with rage
When his kingdom was destroyed by men.

His great labyrinth of webs, once tremendous,
Once magnificent and terrifying,
Was a stringy ruin in the Ancient Garden.

The Almighty King, a fearful beast,
Was too proud to move his empire
From where it had stood for decades.

The Great Bees of Pollen had died,
Their relentless swarm could not aid
The broken King of Spiders.

The Black Ants had drowned
And boiled among the cracks of the Garden,
Their screams of agony not forgotten.

His army feared the huge men
And secretly prayed they would flee
But they feared the wrath of the King more.

Writhing in scorn, he planned an attack
That would rid them of their terrible enemy,
A terrible battle: The Battle of the Black.

And like a black cloud, the spiders descended
From their labyrinth ruin and
Eclipsed the sunlight through the leaves.

The men shrieked from the hellish sight
But they fought back with tools
That slaughtered the hairy army.

The King watched with a sinking heart
As his battalion was thrashed to the ground
And stamped flat just like his fortress.

His advisors pleaded with him
To leave, to escape to safety
But the King had too much pride.

The terrified spiders escaped the trees
But the King would go down with his ship,
A captain facing the deadly iceberg.

The biggest beast of them all,
And proudest ruler of a ruined empire,
The King swooped down onto the battle.

Before his monstrous body was quartered,
He saw the last web hacked down,
And thought of how magnificent his kingdom had been.

Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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