Strange Romance

I knew there was something different about Jamie the moment I met him. In fact, now I come to think of it, I had known there was something strange before I had ever met him in person.

I’d been single for a year and was looking for something new. People around town were so boring, so… normal. I was always attracted to the abnormal. People who lived outside the borders of society. I was attracted to the anarchy and the danger of a man who understood no difference between right and wrong.

Sure, Klaus had been different – it wasn’t everyday a woman fell in love with a cannibal. At first it turned me on, listening to a human heart sizzling in a frying pan; watching Klaus’ huge arms tense as he sliced brain matter. But he lived in his house, he listened to Beethoven and didn’t want to see the world. I wanted to see the world and more.

After a year of searching for my match in the clubs, I have up and gave in to the internet. I joined a dating site. For three weeks I trawled through pictures of men who claimed they were “fun”, “crazy” and “not like anybody else”.

I’d almost given up, even looked on the animal rescue website for cute cats, when I saw him. Pale skin, dark, dark eyes. Crimson lips. Jamie. My match. He stuck out from the rest. He liked midnight strolls, he’d seen the world and he was experienced.

We met under a full moon. He said he felt spiritual under the moonlight. I felt spiritual in his eyes. Like he had a hypnotic power in those dark eyes, that touched my soul and caressed every inch of my skin. The smoothness of his voice, the coolness of his skin, the feel of his sharp teeth on my neck.

It only took that one meeting to know he was “the one”. He wasn’t like any of other man. He was dominant and powerful, yet polite and deadly calm.

We’re still in the early stages of the relationship, but he has invited me over for dinner at his house next week. He tells me he has done well for himself and owns a huge manor near the docks. He loves Vitorian Gothic and tells me he collects strange artifacts. He says he thinks we’ll be together forever, as long as I don’t bring garlic into the house… It must be the smell I suppose.

Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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