I lost my brain last Friday.

I put it on the table in my class

And walked away without it,

Without my trusty brain.

At first I didn’t notice,

Detached from the voice in my head,

And I went and got a coffee

Without my thirsty brain.

It was when I sat down then

That I realised I had a gaping hole,

Right in my head where it lived,

That big squidgy brain.

I rushed back to the empty room,

I searched every desk up and down,

But my treasure had been snatched –

My sacred loved brain.

All the secrets and the lies

That I hid away in my head.

Everything I held dear,

Was locked in my brain.

Now all my shameful words

And rotten memories of things

I wished never happened

Were accessible from my brain.

I have forgotten other things

And can’t function as normal,

But I worry most about the secrets

That stir about in my brain.

I worry most what people will think

When they’ve heard my ramblings

And seen long lost memories

After opening my brain.

Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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