The Green Girl

A poem about a girl who was a little different than the rest.

The girl had a peculiar name
That made the class weep with joy,
And Lettice weep with shame.

Even her appearance was not to be sniffed at
For she had a sickly green glow
And people shivered at that.

She sat at the desk at the back
Avoiding the glare of the sun,
Sipping salad cream from her pack.

She would press ice packs to her cheek
In any kind of weather.
The children would yell; “freak!”

When she joined register in the hall.
And she had the peculiar fear
Of fat-bellied snails in the rainy fall.

The poor girl was tormented for years,
Even with her dewy soft complexion.
Lettice cried many tears.

But when the girl left school
Her complexion caught a man’s eye,
Her green tinge turned him into an adoring fool.

The besotted man loved the girl
And took many photographs of her.
For him, she would laugh and twirl.

His photographs were in the paper,
She was his “Green Girl”
And he was her saviour.

Lettice gathered hundreds of fans,
She was the next top model.
She had the world in her hands.

And although tomatoes still made her weary,
And snails made her faint in shock,
She would never ever ever again be teary.


Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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