The Sweet Stuff

A short weird fiction story about a girl who loved gum too much.

How the girl loved bubblegum.
She ate it instead of her tea.
Her mum said that she would harm her tum,
Swallowing the sticky stuff, you see.

The girl ignored her mother,
And continued to swallow the sweet.
She’d never replace it with any other
Kind of bright coloured sugary treat.

For months she ate more and more,
No longer eating any kind of meal,
And her mum despaired when she saw
Her face turn pink and sticky to the feel.

She took her only daughter to the man
In the white coat down the road,
To cure her of her neon tan,
But he shrugged: “the seed has been sowed.”

“It’s far too late,” he gravely said
With sad grey eyes full of woe.
“For it’s rooted deep in the head,
This is hard for you, I know.”

And so they trudged back to their home
Ignoring the local’s stares.
Her daughter was turning to bubblegum foam,
How sugar has its snares.


Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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