Mallory’s Prayer

A horror poem that takes place at a church beneath a cracking sky.

weird fiction, horror poem

Raindrops spatter the coloured glass
Of the slate spiral tower,
As Mallory lights the final candle.
The pews are empty around her,
A silent audience for her tricks.
Light streaks against godly eyes.

She closes her eyes and incites
The hollow tones of the dead
To the bellowing thunder outside.
A spell curls from her lips
Like the suffocating smog in an
Old Victorian painting.

Her tongue slithers over blood lips,
Eyelids flicker with anticipation –
The anticipation of her incantation.
She sighs the final word – “William…”
The flame of the candles flash for an instant
The colour of summer dusk, and blossom.

The flames return orange,
And a soul is bargained:
Life for death.
A single tear glitters
Before her eyes go distant.
There is only the sound of rain.

Light illuminates the empty pews
And thunder roars, and then
Only the sound of a boy’s weeping
As he emerges from the earth.
Life for death. Death for love.


Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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