A poem about a strange boy.

Let’s go to the lake Bon,
We can climb the trees really high
And pretend we’re monkeys.

You always tell me not to look at the sun,
You don’t want me to hurt my eyes.
But you can look because it doesn’t hurt yours.

After we’ve climbed the trees
We go to the park and go on the swings,
But we don’t go near your mum’s house.

The other day we saw your brother
And he ignored you.
You got upset but brothers stink anyway.

I want to ask why you don’t go home anymore
But I guess you’re living with your Auntie now,
She lives past the cemetery.

I feel sad for you Bon.
You say I’m your only friend,
But that’s fine cos you’re my only friend.

I heard that your dad was mean to you,
Mum said he did a really bad thing
And he’s gone ‘behind bars’ whatever that means

But you probably know that already.
We don’t talk about that, or why you don’t go to school anymore,
I got sent home when I asked my teacher about it.

It’s okay Bon, we can just play
Until it gets dark and we go home.
I’m sorry you walk back on your own,
It’s just I don’t like cemeteries –
Mum says there are ghosts.


Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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