The Man with the Black Hair

A poem.

There was a man with a beautiful mane

Of thick black hair.

The texture of silk and water,

All creatures would stare.

The colour of ravens and beetles,

And the sky at night.

He lived alone in a wild wood,

A man of strength and might.


He swam in lakes and ate fish,

He thought them delicious.

His nails and teeth grew sharp,

He could be vicious.

He lived alone for many many years,

Roaring with all his might.

He made sure he had no threats,

Roaring into the night.


The man underwent a transformation

But eyes didn’t stare.

The man changed; upon his whole body

Grew his beautiful hair.


And so the man of the wild woods

Became a great black bear.


Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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