Character Challenge

So, just for the fun of it, I have created a little writing challenge for anybody interested. Read the start of the story, about three characters that are seemingly ordinary but actually turn out to be extraordinary! All you have to do is write the rest of the story on your blog or your twitter or even your facebook and put a link in a comment below to it. The story that I like best will be reblogged on this blog and also I’ll tweet the link to the blog to all my followers. This is just for fun, but also for extra publicity, and it’s good for your writing too! Enjoy!


This is a story about three people. Three normal people. These people can be found on every street in any town. They can be found on your very own street in fact. On the outside anyone could look ‘normal’. It’s what happens on the inside that determines how normal a person is. Well these three people who probably live on your street look ‘normal’, but they are actually quite far from ordinary.


The first person in the story is called Archie. Like any other child, he grew up playing with his ball on the road in front of his house, or riding round the block on his bike. He loved squashing bugs in his garden and pouring boiling water over the ants when they threatened to invade the house. As he got older, he loved picking insects apart and looking at them through his magnifying glass. He triumphed through school and university, studying Biology. He bought himself a house with a garden and a fence and he goes to the newsagents on the same day every month to collect his new issue of Insect Magazine. Archie’s favourite film is ‘The Fly’.


The next person is Charlotte. From a young age she had always wanted to be a princess rescued by a knight in shining armour. She studied beauty at college and became an Avon representative when she left, revelling in the free makeup and being able to meet other glamour pusses everyday. The closest thing to love she has come has been to her little chiwawa she named ‘Dolly’ after her glamour idol Dolly Parton. She loves to put on face mask in a bubble bath at the end of the week and sing ‘working 9 to 5’.


The last person in this story is Carl. Carl has always been a bit chunky, but he’s been brought up on his mum’s meals of hearty stews and chunky homemade chips. Never the brightest in his class, he left school with no qualifications or ambitions. His mum pulled a few strings at the tool hire place she worked and got him a job delivering leaflets through letterboxes. Any time Carl isn’t delivering letterboxes, he’s either on his Xbox 360 or doing his little sister’s makeup when she’s bored.


Three ‘normal’ people doing normal everyday things. Until the day Charlotte knocked on Archie’s door to inquire whether there are any women there that would be interested in discounted makeup, and Carl wanders through Archie’s front gate to deliver a leaflet.

Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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    1. Hi, there’s no real deadline, I guess when I get a good number of people joining in, I’ll choose. I’m just looking forward to reading what people have come up with! 🙂

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