An Obedient Son

A weird fiction story about a boy with a peculiar personality.

Hans had always been a strange boy. When he was a baby, he was suspiciously quiet, and would sit in the corner of the kitchen, watching the rest of the family cook and clean. When his mum hoovered the carpet, he would chase it on his hands and knees. At first, his parents only laughed at his antics and it was an after-dinner game whenever relatives visited, but the game had to end once his dad purchased the lawnmower.


Hans’ favourite meal was chicken drumsticks, and he would gnaw on the bones once he’d ripped all the meat off with his teeth. Growing up, Hans was a fan of the outdoors and loved going for walks. He loved to play ball, but got told to leave his P.E. lessons for running off with the ball.


His parents loved him very much and accepted his strange ways until he turned ten. It was the first mother’s day where he didn’t buy something with his dad. He knocked on the door of his parents’ bedroom one bright sunny morning and they awoke with delight at the tiny sound; “happy mother’s day!”


They both sat up with great smiles on their faces and looked down at their son… and screamed out; “urgh!”


In his mouth, Hans held a dead pigeon. Bleeding onto the soft carpet, it hung lifelessly in his mouth, which was stretched into a smile looking for appraisal.


“Get it out!” His mum screeched.


His dad leapt out of bed, his face full of fury, and chased little Hans out of the room.


Hans became aggressive to other children as he reached his teenage years. Constantly suspended from school, his parents were tired of cleaning up his mess and making excuses when he growled at the postman and sat at his relative’s feet while they ate. They bought a kennel and tied him out there during the day. Although it seemed mean, he actually loved his kennel. He loved being outside eating flies and scaring away the neighbour’s cats.


The family worried about his mental state but his parents saw him as a uniquely special boy. They only wished they’d trained him at a young age – he peed everywhere.


Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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