Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

I thought, as this blog is not only about my stories, in fact only 50% of this blog is storytelling – I would give the illustrator a bit of freedom to be a bit cocky and show off his artwork. One of my favourite blogs is http://alicethroughthemacrolens.wordpress.com, created by a friend of mine who has an extroadinary talent for photographing all things creepy and crawly, and other things too, and I check her blog on a daily basis for new posts and photographs. She is a bit more social with her blog and takes part in the weekly photo challenge (http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/weekly-photo-challenge-hands/), a new discovery for me. And I thought, why not take part in this too? Pagan Pages needs to stretch out and get connected, so we have done!

This week’s photo challenge is ‘Hands’ so here is my illustrator’s contribution:


I hope we can make some new friends through these weekly photo challenges!

Thanks for your continued support,


Author: paganpages

Writer of weird fiction, lover of coffee and stories with a twist.

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